The flowers reached towards the sun soaking in it's warmth.
      The garden buzzed with the sounds of insects busy at work.
     The colors of the garden glowed radiantly in the light. The wind swirled the thin bodies of the flowers back and forth. Shadows played gaily amongst the paths of dry dirt.
     The faces of the flowers started to slowly droop and rest on the warm earth. The garden was suddenly quiet. The dry heat wilted and burned their delicate bodies.
     Clouds floated together from hidden places as the darkness slowly crept over the garden.
     A thudding noise filled the garden. The dry dirt paths were full of small dark spots. The sky contracted in a frenzy of rumbles.
     The clouds released a medicine of life upon the dry garden of lowered faces.
     Slowly the dirt path darkened and formed small pools of liquid. The flowers again started to reach towards the sky soaking it in.