My Cousin, My Friend
Happiness was as a child
When I played and ran
With my cousin and friend
Shelbi Susanne
Only six and a half months apart
More like sisters in our hearts
Always together up through the years
With all the laughter and the tears
Living in West Covina we would
Glide through the fields
Creepy crawlies everywhere
Sweet smelling blossoms
Scenting the warm afternoon air
Eating berries from the garden
Picking flowers for our hair
Finding marbles in the dirt
Playing without a care
Hunting for wild kittens in the sheds out back
Building forts and climbing trees
Swimming and swinging on the swing set
Trying to catch our bunnies
In our playhouse
Under the shade of a mulberry tree
Playing house and make believe
Eating finger sandwiches of peanutbutter and jelly
Birthday parties out back
Children everywhere
Gifts, balloons and cake
So much fun we had there
Listening for the ice cream truck
Watching cartoons
Lying on the couch
Playing in my room
Dance lessons and slumber parties
Playing hide and seek
Riding our bikes
Up and down the street
Summers on Balboa Island
Free to explore and roam
Every summer of our lives
The beach was our second home
Going to the fun zone on the ferry
Eating a Balboa bar
Roller skating around the Island
Fun times were never far
Nights in our room
Awake in bed
Talking for hours
Of what popped into our heads
Eating lunch at Rocko's Pizzeria
A "Killer" sub cut in two
Shopping and strolling
I'm going to miss you!
The beach will be so different this year
But I know you'll still be there with me
Shelbi Susanne to my heart so dear
You'll be my Angel by the sea
My life will forever be
Different in so many ways
Without my cousin, my friend
I will hold you in my heart always
   I Love You
                                             Wendy Lee