My Sailor, My Friend
My sailor is handsome, smart and kind
He tells me his thoughts and I tell him mine
We feel our friendship has been forever
Knowing it will dispel never
My sailor and I are so far apart
But we'll always be in each others heart
For we have much friendship to share
And for each other we'll always be there
During the days we wrote one another
I longed to meet him, he's like a brother
Finding through our letters we were meant to be friends
Always and until the end
I would often sit in my room at night
Underneath the bedroom light
Writing the letter he would receive
Sending peace and love to thee
And soon came the day for him to arrive
Never have I felt so alive
He would be standing before me soon
There on that afternoon
I stood and watched the ship come in
As I waited for the welcome home songs to begin
While I listened to the crowd cheer
My eyes filled with joyous tears
And as he walked through the crowd
Oh, how I felt so very proud
I thought of all the things I'd say
To him on that wondrous day
There we stood before one another
We smiled, talked and hugged each other
And from then we knew we'd be
Friends until eternity