There I stood in the shadows hoping not to be seen
Looking at your home so tall stately and serene
In the room to the left of the door
All the way up on the second floor
You sat at your window reading of flowers
Which bloom under sweet May showers
I looked at your face deep in thought
And wondered which flower most easily brought
That look and sweet smile
As you sipped your tea of chamomile
The air was nice and clear
And the winds cool and calm
Softly they were flowing
Shimmering your candle light glowing
Dancing and swirling were the leaves
The wind made it mystic on those cool summer eves
Love surrounded me in the sweet summer air
Controlling my heart and holding me there
I was the beholder observing the beauty
But soon your candle will slowly die
And with your book set aside
To sleep and dream is where you will go
Under the heavens with the stars aglow
In reality I'll soon depart
Leaving you at your window with my heart
Never being able to let you know
The feelings I have and cannot show